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QBOX Mini-1000 Series

Fanless Box PC w/ Intel® Atom™ Processor E640T

The QBOX Mini-1000 series,a fan-less Box PC, is ideal for space critical applications. This embedded hardware platform is designed with Intel® Atom™ E640T Processor which provides with excellent performance. The system is supported with on board DDR2 memory to 1GB. Featured are 1x mSATA,1x mini-PCIe socket for Wifi module, 1 x USB 2.0, 2x internal USB, 1x VGA (For QBOX Mini-1000), 1x HDMI ( For QBOX Mini-1010) and 1x Phone Jack for both Line-Out & Mic-In.

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QBOX Mini-1000 Series

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor E640T
  • QBOX Mini-1000 - VGA Output
  • QBOX Mini-1010 - HDMl Output
  • On Board DDR2 memory ( 1GB max )
  • 1x Phone Jack for both Line-Out & Mic-In
  • 1x mSATA
  • 1x mPCIe Socket for Wifi Module
  • 2x internal USB, 1x external USB