NWA-6300 Series Network Security Appliance Front View

Product: NWA-6300

Application: Education

Client: A Web Content Filtering Solution Provider in New Zealand

Project Overview

Tablets are being used more and more today to help teachers give lessons in or even outside the classroom. They allow teachers to differentiate content delivered to students based on their individual needs and to track their engagement in the learning.

A New Zealand-based web content filtering solution provider develops a cloud-based digital education platform which allows teachers to deliver dynamic and personalized content to individual students according to each one’s comprehension level while monitoring their internet usage from the administrator device to identify how involved they are in class activities. In addition, teachers can grant or restrict internet access to specific online resources on the platform to make students focus on relevant materials or prevent them from distracting themselves with internet excursions, social media or online games.

To establish a network to connect their cloud platform, teacher’s administrator device and students’ tablets together, they need a device served as booth an edge device and a firewall or a transparent bridge only depending on infrastructure. First of all, the device must be x86 architecture for its better backward compatibility with a large number of systems that their clients have had. Secondly, the device will be installed in the classroom and thus fanless design is an important purchasing criterion to keep a noiseless learning environment. As a result, low power consumption and good thermal dissipation are also their requirements complementary to the aforementioned.

System Requirement

  • x86 architecture
  • Fanless
  • Lower power consumption
  • Good thermal dissipation


Quanmax NWA-6300, an network security appliance based on Intel® Bay Trail Processor, Atom™ E3825, with ultra-low power consumption of only 6W TDP, features silent operation under fanless architecture. Enclosed within an aluminum housing with heat sink design on the top for quick dissipation of heat, it can keep operating temperature at a safe level for long term reliable operation or even 24/7.

In case of a simpler infrastructure, NWA-6300 can play a heavier role as not only an entry point from cloud to tablets and vice versa, but also a firewall to control internet access to prevent students from visiting inappropriate sites other than those for learning.

System Diagram

NWA-6300 network security appliance used in e-learning