3.5″ ECX Single Board Computer

Flexible to create compact embedded systems with enough I/O capacity

3.5″ ECX (Embedded Compact Extended) is a kind of small form factor specification developed by Intel for SBC (Single Board Computer). An ECX SBC is a complete computer with all of its necessary components, including processor, memory, storage, I/Os and/or other features required for a functional computer, built onto a single circuit board. It is often housed inside a larger device or product to provide additional intelligence or control the functions of machine or equipment. Both standard- and extended- / extreme-temperature models are offered and allow developers to build their embedded devices for different environmental conditions.

3.5" ECX Form Factor

There are 2 product lines under this category:

  • PRO Line: powered by Intel® Core™ i, Celeron® or similar high-performance processors
  • ECO Line: powered by Intel® Atom™, Celeron® or similar low-power processors

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