Embedded Box PC

Quanmax offers a comprehensive range of box PCs with different features, such as fanless, compact size and extended operating temperature range, to fulfill requirements for media playback in a variety of infotainment applications, such as retail, banking, hospitality and education.

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Mini Box PC

less than 1 liter

(QPCx / QDSP / QBOX / DSP Series)

Compact Box PC

1 ~ 3 liters

(QDSP Series)

Sealed Fanless Box PC

without fan(s)
without ventilation openings

(QDSP / QBOX / DSP Series)

Fanned Box PC

with fan(s)
with ventilation openings

(QPCx / QDSP Series)

Extended Temperature Box PC

-20 °C ~ 70 °C or similar range

(QDSP / QBOX Series)

Standard Temperature Box PC

0 °C ~ 50 °C or similar range

(QPCx / QDSP / QBOX / DSP Series)

Wall Mount Box PC

VESA compatible
fixed position

(QPCx / QDSP / QBOX / DSP Series)

Intel x86 Based Box PC

powered by Intel® processors

(QPCx / QDSP / QBOX Series)

ARM Based Box PC

powered by Intel® processors

(DSP Series)